About us

The Who, What, Where, Why, and How of Partnering with Charthouse Holdings

Who we are

Charthouse Holdings is an agile platform of asset-light companies offering customized and specialized transportation and logistics services. We provide services to our customers through an extensive network across the Midwest and Eastern United States. Our mission is to increase the operating efficiency and growth trajectory of our portfolio companies and to enhance their visibility and operating results while supporting the transition process from an owner-led organization to one driven by a team.

Put simply: We have a wealth of experience in scaling successful businesses and in the transportation and logistics industry, and it’s our job to help innovative companies get to the next level. And we’re good at it.

Would you like to meet the folks at the helm of Charthouse and learn about their decades of experience and successes in transportation and logistics? Come say hello.

What makes us successful

We are not house flippers trying to make a quick profit; we want to continue to build upon already well-run companies and focus on their long-term success and differentiation. We typically take an actively supportive role in the day-to-day businesses of our partners to help solve problems and drive growth with our knowledge and industry connections. We have a wide network to leverage, and we won’t hesitate to tap into those resources. 

Charthouse invests meaningfully in our companies. We invest in the things that make businesses truly successful: relationships, talent, technology, and processes. We use conservative deal structures and seek financial alignment with our key partners.

Where we operate

Charthouse partners with asset-light transportation and logistics companies operating in the following industries:

  • Ground support for air freight
  • Third-party logistics
  • Expedited freight carriers
  • Freight brokerage
  • Specialized warehousing
  • B2B last-mile delivery 
  • Concierge-level services
  • Intermodal drayage services
  • Freight forwarding

Our primary geographies of operation are the eastern half of the US, Texas, and southern Ontario.

Why companies partner with us

The growth of our operating companies is our first priority. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, and we relieve our partners of the burden of carrying all the risks and responsibilities so we can focus collectively on innovation and growth. 

Charthouse operates with a listen-first approach. We aim to understand not only your business but also your objectives in realizing the value you have created. We invest for value creation and are not time-constrained; once we better understand an opportunity and what ownership wants to achieve, we collaborate on a plan to get it done.