Our Partnership Approach

Are you interested in joining the Charthouse family of companies? Do you know someone who might be?

We are seeking to partner with like-minded businesses which have a market-leading position and/or unique growth prospects. 

Charthouse enhances your relationships and invests in talent, technology, and processes which help support growth and, in some cases, the transition from an ownership group to a management-led organization. We are successful because we take an active role in supporting our acquired companies, helping them solve problems daily and driving growth with our deep experience and broad connections across industries. Our years of experience allow us to assist them with mitigating risks and preparing our organizations for what’s coming down the road.

We structure our relationship with each organization on a case-by-case basis; for some companies, the former owners may remain active in their current role or transition to a new role while maintaining some equity and financial upside potential.

Who do we seek to partner with?

We partner with companies that ideally meet the following criteria:

  • Small- or mid-sized organizations, potentially a family and entrepreneur-led enterprise, with a strong growth history and profitability outlook
  • Based in the eastern half of the US, Texas, or southern Ontario
  • UFocused on specialized transportation or logistics services serving an array of industries and end customers
  • Consistently generate annual EBITDA of $2-10 million+
  • Have a highly variable cost structure and are minimally asset-intensive (i.e. limited capital expenditures), producing considerable free cash flow
  • gHave sustainable strategic differentiation or disruptive potential in their industry
  • Are led by a superior management team and have a team-oriented culture
  • An ownership group that prioritizes “the fit” of the partner and the long-term legacy and success of the organization rather just merely selling the business purely based on a short-term economic outcome

* We are happy to pay success fees for introductions to companies on which we close a transaction.

Example of Transportation and Logistics segments that we target

  • Ground Support for Air Freight
  • Expedited Freight Carriers
  • Specialized Warehousing
  • B2B Last-Mile Delivery
  • Concierge-Level Services
  • Third-Party Logistics
  • Drayage Services
  • Freight Brokerage
  • Freight Forwarding

Why partner with Charthouse Holdings?

  • At our core, we are entrepreneurial business builders. We have sat in your seat. We know how to accelerate your growth trajectory, and our team has expertise in operational leadership and team development, capital markets, M&A, and value creation.
  • The Charthouse team values integrity, creativity, empathy, and tenacity in our approach. Your success is our success as well.
  • Partnering with Charthouse allows us to relieve you of carrying the entire burden of risks and responsibilities for the organization.
  • We provide access to our diverse experience and professional network.
  • Owners have the option to transition out over time or stay on board long-term. We prioritize our companies’ legacy, employees, customers, and suppliers.

Charthouse operates with a listen-first approach. We know that not every solution is appropriate for all circumstances, and we want to understand not only your business but also your objectives in realizing the value you have created. 

What’s next for you? What are your goals, and can our respective visions combine to deliver success for your team, customers, and carrier partners?

Once we better understand your company and what you want to achieve, we can collaborate on a plan to get it done. We invest for value creation and are not time-constrained. Rushing a delicate process rarely results in success for anyone. We truly believe that collaborative partnerships with a foundation that combines market wisdom and outside perspectives produce the best outcomes.